Billy & Buddy – best buddy Beagles! (Oldies Club, fostered Norfolk)


Buddy on the left and Billy on the right

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Billy, a 7-year-old Beagle, and Buddy, his slightly younger, taller friend, came into rescue as their owner was terminally ill. They are in an Oldies Club foster home in Mattishall, Norfolk, waiting for someone to offer them a permanent home together.

Settled in foster within a week: Billy and Buddy are a gorgeous, devoted pair and they need to stay together. They took a few days to settle into life at their foster home. Billy was very quiet at first and mainly stayed in his bed. Buddy was anxious for the first few days and had a few weeing accidents in the house. The anxiety also affected his tummy, but within a week they were both quite settled. Buddy is deaf so perhaps that is why he was more worried by the upheaval.

Billy on the left and Buddy on the right

OK to be left if together: They are absolutely fine to be left for a few hours occasionally, so long as they are together. But if separated, Buddy becomes very stressed, howls, and might wee on the floor or in his bed. Although they are OK to be left for up to 4 hours occasionally, they wouldn’t want to be left on a regular basis, so wouldn’t suit people who go out to work full time.

Brilliant with dogs: They are both really good with other dogs and they are living happily with the resident dog at their foster home. They are also friendly with all dogs when out on walks. They’re sociable superstars!

Cannot live with cats: They want to chase cats and so cannot live with them.

Seem OK with children: They aren’t living with children, but when out on walks they are friendly towards children they meet and are happy to be stroked and patted by them. Billy and Buddy should be fine to live with kind, sensible children aged 11 and over.

Enjoy walks: Billy and Buddy are enjoying two 40-minute walks each day, as well as occasional trips to the beach or woods. They are quite good on the lead, although they can be very strong if they see a cat. Buddy is easier to walk when he is wearing a halti headcollar. They’re not frightened of traffic or buses. Billy can be quite stubborn if he is smelling something interesting and he will only be recalled when he is ready. Buddy is deaf so he has to be on the lead at all times unless in a safe, enclosed area. He will return to you if he sees you signal for him and he tends to stay close.

Happy in the car: At first they were frightened to get in the car, but after a few visits to nice places they are now more than happy to get in. Billy is unable to get in by himself, so he puts his front paws on the back bumper and is then lifted in.

Favourite pastimes: They both love to snooze the day away, either in their bed or outside in the sun. Billy dreams and Buddy snores! They love to potter about the garden and they get quite excited when it’s time for walkies. Buddy is vocal when he is excited. They both love eating, anything and everything, including soil. Nothing can be left on the kitchen worktops as Buddy will steal it, and he has learnt how to open a door. They can get very excited and loud about food, especially Buddy. Billy is on a diet as he was overweight, so they are fed in separate rooms. Buddy likes to play chase with the resident dog; Billy occasionally joins in, but he prefers to just watch!

Dislikes: They don’t like cats!

Ideal home: Billy and Buddy need a cat-free home with someone who will give them lots of affection as they absolutely love cuddles. They’d like you to be around most of the time, or just working part time. They need a nice garden to potter about in.

Health notes: Billy and Buddy are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and have been wormed and flea treated. Billy was overweight but has been on a strict diet and lost 10kg. He has a heart murmur due to a congenital heart valve defect. This has been investigated and the cardiologist said that he has had this from birth and does not require any treatment. It should not get worse and does not affect his daily life. Buddy is deaf, but has no health issues other than a sensitive stomach and often has a very soft poo after the first, solid one. The vet said this is nothing to worry about.

More from their foster carer:Billy is very gentle, friendly, polite and affectionate, though a bit lazy and sometimes stubborn. Buddy is passive, loving, intelligent and inquisitive, and a bit excitable around food. Billy and Buddy are large Beagles weighing approx 20kg and 22kg. They are very friendly and affectionate, and love meeting new people and dogs. Billy has made good progress with his diet but still has a little way to go. He understands basic commands although he can be a bit stubborn and likes to do things in his own time. Buddy is deaf but is very intelligent and quick to learn new things. He is very inquisitive and quite the opportunist, taking advantage of any food that he can sniff out. Both Billy and Buddy are not interested in playing with toys or balls, although they occasionally pick up a soft toy and take it to bed, where Billy guards it from Buddy. They both love to be stroked and cuddled, and they always sleep together in their big bed at night. Billy is an early riser, making himself heard at 7am every morning, anxious for a tiddle and breakfast. There has been a rare occasion when Billy has pooed on the kitchen floor during the night. They are very sociable and affectionate dogs and will become very loyal companions to their new family.

If you would like to offer Billy & Buddy a permanent home together, please read our Adoption Procedures for information about the adoption process. You can then contact an Oldies Club rehoming co-ordinator as follows:

Telephone: 0844 586 8656

Billy & Buddy can be rehomed anywhere on the UK mainland – the closer to their foster home the better though – subject to a satisfactory home visit. Note that you will be required to travel to the foster home to collect them.

If you would love to offer a home to an oldie but your circumstances aren’t suitable, perhaps you would be kind enough to sponsor one of the special oldies we are caring for that, due to health problems, are unlikely to be offered a permanent home.

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