Bobby (Foal Farm Animal Rescue, Kent)

Cheerful little Bobby is a 7-year-old Jack Russell X Chihuahua being looked after by Foal Farm Animal Rescue in Kent. He wants an active life style in a childfree home. He can’t live with cats but he could live with another small dog after happy introductions.

Bobby is a really fun companion but he is no one’s lap dog! He likes a bit of fuss from those he trusts but not lots and he doesn’t hold with being manhandled. So undignified and alarming! Staff at Foal Farm are getting him used to being handled a bit and luckily, he is very attentive and eager to please when treats are involved! His new owners will need to continue this training and always be respectful of his sensibilities.

Bobby could potentially share his home with another small dog. He is nervous of some larger dogs and he can be vocal but he is more confident around smaller dogs. If introductions are carried out slowly he could build his confidence and a relationship with a canine companion. When it comes to children though, he doesn’t even want to meet visiting ones. He is so irresistably cute that it’s difficult to explain to a youngster that he needs his own space.

He is certainly 7 years young as he is very playful with his toys. He walks well on the lead and is a pleasure to go on a long adventure with. Even though Bobby isn’t a lap dog, he has shown he can build trust with people and enjoy a little fuss. He will be a wonderful companionship to the right sort of person.

If you might be the lucky one who’s just right for Bobby, please contact Foal Farm Animal Rescue as follows:

Fill in Foal Farm’s online application form – click here.
Tel: 01959 572386

NOTE: Foal Farm prefer to rehome dogs in the locality of the rescue so they can offer continued support.

Please say you saw Bobby on the Oldies Club website.

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