Jasper (Chilterns Dog Rescue Society, Herts.)

Handsome Jasper is a black and white Border Collie dog. The Chilterns Dog Rescue Society in Tring, Hertfordshire, is helping him to find a new home with someone who understands this highly intelligent working breed.

Jasper is 9½ years old (born 24.10.12) and has shared a home with a retired couple until recently when mobility issues and hospital visits started to prevent them from giving him the exercise and attention he has always enjoyed.

Jasper is a very loyal, even-tempered dog and, like many Collies, enjoys a routine to his day. He is extremely fit and active for a dog of his age, or indeed any age. He loves his walks and is well-behaved on and off-lead. Jasper would like a secure garden to explore, but plenty of daily exercise would be a crucial rehoming requirement to ensure he remains happy and relaxed.

Jasper is very sociable with adults and has also got on well with the great grandchildren who visited occasionally, but he would be best suited to an adult-only home. He has been used to company for most of the day but is happy to be left for periods of up to three hours for shopping trips, etc. He is comfortable to travel by car and has enjoyed quite a few day trips to the country.

With the exception of one large dog that attacked him, Jasper has always been friendly towards other dogs and has certainly enjoyed walking and socialising with new canine friends at the Rescue Centre. However, he would suit a pet-free home to enjoy all that lovely attention.

Jasper is neutered and has no major health concerns. In 2020, he had a single bout of pancreatitis which cleared up with medication. While this has not recurred, maintaining a sensible diet would be appropriate. He also has a small fatty lump on his back which does not require treatment at this time.
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If you have experience of Collies or Collie Crosses and would like to offer him a home or need further information about this handsome boy, please contact Chilterns Dog Rescue Society as follows:

Tel: 01296 623885
Email: enquiries@cdrs.org.uk

Please mention that you saw Jasper on the Oldies Club website.

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