Patchy (Cheltenham Animal Shelter, Gloucestershire)


Patchy is an adorable little girl of 14 years, in the care of Cheltenham Animal Shelter in Gloucestershire.

Patchy is looking for an adult-only home, where she can have all the attention as the only pet. She particularly enjoys curling up in a good comfy bed or on the sofa. She would love to have her own garden for pottering about and sunbathing.

Whilst Patchy can be very independent, she does get worried when left for prolonged periods so she would love to have company for most of the day. She’s undemanding to have around as she snoozes quite a lot and she’s just about the cutest best friend you could wish for!

To find out more about this little sweetie, please contact Cheltenham Animal Shelter as follows:


Please say you saw Patchy on the Oldies Club website.

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