Toby (West Yorkshire Dog Rescue, fostered North East)

Cute Toby is a neutered, 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier who is in the care of Yorkshire Dog Rescue while waiting to find his forever home located in Yorkshire, North East and Scottish Borders.

Toby is a very affectionate boy who will make a lovely companion and pet. He has a zest for life and is happiest on a walk. He can be slightly anxious due to a lack of socialisation, but loves to cuddle up on the sofa watching TV. He loves his walks and is fit enough to walk around 4 miles a day.

Toby is looking for a semi-rural home with an experienced, confident owner as he can be reactive to other dogs on the lead if they come right up to him, and he needs to live as an only pet in the home. An active, early retired coupe who are around most of the day would be perfect as he can get worried when left alone.

Toby would like a child-free home though visiting sensible children over 5 years old would be okay. He also likes to share your bed at night and then his anxiety will settle. Toby travels well in the car and needs regular visits to a patient, professional groomer to keep his coat looking lovely.
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If you would like to offer lovely Toby his forever home, please complete the West Yorkshire Dog Rescue’s Potential Owner Enquiry Form here.

Please mention that you saw Toby on the Oldies Club website.

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