Will Chow (Rescue Remedies, Surrey)

Will the spectacular Chow Chow is in foster care through Rescue Remedies. while he waits for a permanent home that’s worthy of him. He’s 11 years old and first weighed in at 25kg but was slightly under weight then. He’ll be a bit heavier now but most of what you see is fluff!

Will can be selective with other dogs but he enjoys social walks and there are two 2 other Chow Chows at his foster home who he gets on with nicely.

Before going into foster care, Will was at Rescue Remedies’ boarding kennels and was walked by volunteers. One walker said, “As you would expect for his age, he is a plodder and he likes to stop for a long time in one spot and sniff. Patience is required with this boy. He has a bit of a stubborn streak but a bit of enthusiastic persuasion soon got him going the way I wanted to go. Will was not at all bothered by the rain and was a pleasure to walk.”

Another walker said, “Will was resting in his kennel but soon perked up and was eager to get out when he realised it was his turn for walkies. Will seems to meet all dogs in a laid back manner and was totally happy sharing his walk with Bernie, Eddy & Luna although with the amount of sniffing Will likes to do keeping up with the “youngsters” wasn’t easy, but when he wants to he really motors along.”

Will is very bright and like most mature dogs, he has well established views about most things.

He will need a good brush regularly and maybe the occasional trip to the groomers. He’s written a review of his foster home which his carers have dutifully passed on and you can read in full below.

If you like big, fluffy, sometimes stuborn, always entertaining dogs and would like to enquire about Will, please read Rescue Remedies’ rehoming process here…

…and then fill their homing questionnaire here.

Note: Rescue Remedies have specific on-lead requirements for their adopted dogs. They also cannot guarantee to reply to unsuccessful homing applications.

Please say you saw Will on the Oldies Club website.

Will’s trip review [of foster home] – Feb ‘22

Recently opened in July 2020, it is modern and clean with decent sized grounds that are well maintained. The “all white walls” colour scheme is slightly too clinical for my tastes but each to their own and seems to be a common theme with all the new resorts. I have in fact gifted the owners several of my own Tracey Emin style pieces, my favourite being ‘drool splatter on breakfast bar’ to add interest to the decor and, naturally, they seem to be very appreciative.

Very attentive and most requests are met with a good face scratch or head rub and in a timely fashion. There is always a member of staff to hand which is reassuring. My only criticism is that I did overhear 2 members of staff suggesting that one of their new guests seems to have an issue with flatulence which, whilst a fair point, was slightly unprofessional.

Plentiful and well planned menus, dried biscuits softened slightly with some warm water is a nice touch and keeps my interest level up and I fear I have already gained some weight during my stay. Local water is available 24/7 but there is a small charge for branded (I’ve never been a huge Perrier/Evian fan so not an issue for me).

There has been a steady decline in the plentiful cheese offering that I enjoyed when I initially arrived and this appears to be linked in some way to the flatulence comments? Whilst I appreciate that other compensatory treats have been introduced I personally don’t understand what the issue is and would prefer unlimited access to the cheese.

Access to the grounds is restricted by a large white plastic door which is confusing as there are numerous glass doors through which you can view the grounds. Its no issue though as they are quick to spot my desire for access to the grounds and I am just happy that no shuttle bus is required.

Resort area:
Surrounded on 2 sides by forest and fields the accommodation is well positioned and peaceful (with the exception of a rather loud woodpecker that is an early riser but I hear one of the other furry residents here has plans for that pesky bird) with access to good walking routes with an abundance of flora and fauna.

Being quite the botanist, I am particularly fond of the green bush with purple tipped leaves, the purple bush, the green bush with small white flowers and the long grasses with fluffy heads and I like to stick my face in for a good old sniff at every opportunity – I prefer to move on to a nibble if the plant seems particularly appealing but unfortunately the staff discourage this.

Great place, comfortable beds, nice staff and very relaxing. The other guests are very welcoming and polite and have given me a tour of the area pointing out the best sniffing and peeing spots. They have recommended I try the professional grooming trip that the staff regularly organise for them but I’m quite happy with the on-site brushing service for now.

4 out of 5 stars – would highly recommend.

A swimming pool and 24hr self service cheese buffet would clinch that 5th star.”



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