In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.

Ben (Furry Friends Animal Rescue, Surrey)

25/4/12 – Sad news from Furry Friends today – ‘Sadly we had to have Ben put to sleep this morning. A home had been offered but they are on holiday at the moment. Unfortunately it just wasn’t meant to be. :(‘ Sleep tight little Ben.

Poor little Ben, the 17 year old Yorkie, was recently returned to Furry Friends Animal Rescue because he got too old! This sweet little boy was adopted at the age of 14, but his owners decided they could no longer cope when he developed TIA, a mini-stroke syndrome.

TIA is normally caused by a blocked artery that causes mini-fits. Ben’s face will twitch when this happens, but it does not cause him distress or pain.

Furry Friends expected to see quite a sick little dog when he was returned, since the owners were considering putting him to sleep. Instead, they found an active, interested little dog who was in no way ready to check out of life!

Ben enjoys his walks, but because of his poor eyesight, he should not be taken off his extendable lead. He does have slight old-age related senility, but nothing that would not be expected at his grand old age. He does have a tendency to pace at times, but mostly he is just looking for his bed. He does enjoy a nice doze and often spends the day just snoozing away. He does have the occasional accident in the house, but will go outside if he can make it there.

Although he is a sweet little dog, he can be a little snappy when he is being picked up. This is due to a time when someone dropped him, an incident he apparently remembers well! It is best to scoop him up quickly and he then settles very quickly. Since he is so tiny, this is pretty easy to do.

Ben doesn’t like his eyes being cleaned and needs to be muzzled when you do. He is generally okay with this. He cannot get up the stairs and will need to be carried.

Cute little Ben is now looking for someone who is willing to take him on and love him for however long he has left. His last memories of this world should be of love, not languishing in rescue!

Although you will be setting yourself up for heartbreak, there has to be someone special out there who can give little Ben the love and care he needs for the rest of his days.

Ben can happily live with other dogs and cats. He should not live with children.

Ben is not on medication at the moment for his condition, as it is only minor but in the future, it maybe necessary. TIA cannot be cured, but can be controlled as it progresses.

Ben is castrated, fully vaccinated and microchipped.

A homecheck will be carried out before he goes to his new home and an adoption fee will apply to go towards his veterinary care.

Are you that special someone who can be Ben’s guardian angel? If so, please do not hesitate to contact Furry Friends Animal Rescue as follows:

Tel: 0208 407 1080 or 0797 356 9371

Please mention that you saw Ben on the Oldies Club website.

In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.