Ted and Fido (RSPCA Solent Branch, Hampshire)

 These two little sweethearts are Ted on the left, and Fido on the right

This adorable little pair are Ted and Fido!  They are both Jack Russell Terrier crosses who would love to find a new home together.  They are both 2 years old and were unbelievably rescued from a house full of 90 dogs!  They are now in the care of the RSPCA The Stubbington Ark Solent Branch, in Hampshire until a loving new home can be found for them both.

When they first arrived at the rescue centre as you can imagine, they were both in a bit of a state.  They had never been house-trained or taken out for a walk and it would appear they just had the run of the house.  They had never worn a collar either and it has taken a few months for them to allow anyone to touch them.

They have now began to trust at long last and what a difference this has made as their wonderful little characters have started to shine through.  They are still quite shy of strangers, but once they get to know you they are very friendly and adore plenty of cuddles and fuss.

Ted and Fido and are looking for a quieter home with a patient owner who will continue the great work that the rescue has started.  They would prefer an adult only home where someone who is around most of the time as they do not like being left and will bark non stop.  This has slowly begun to improve and they are getting much better with their house-training too especially Ted who now asks to go out.  Fido is also improving as he likes to follow Ted’s lead, but still needs a bit of reminding now and again.

                                         Beautiful Fido!

Fido is a real little sweetheart, but is still quite an anxious chap, bless him!  He loves to be up high wherever he is, so will jump up on furniture, walls or anything he can as he obviously feels more secure that way at the moment.  He is very attached to Ted who is his little buddy and likes to follow him about.  He is quite a happy little lad apart from when he is due for a bath which he is not too keen on at all!  He has begun to play now, his favourite game being tug which he likes to play with Ted.

                                           Adorable Ted!

Ted is also a little darling who is very bonded with Fido.  He is not as anxious as Fido and is the more playful of the two.  He really enjoys playing with toys and loves you to throw them for him and will chase, he just needs to master the fact that he needs to bring them back to you too! He will allow you to groom him, but not for too long at the moment, but this is sure to change once he has settled into his new home.

They are both very friendly towards other dogs, so could happily share their home with another dog, but cannot live with a cat as they will chase.  They are now getting used to wearing collars and are loving their walks.  They walk well on the lead, but their recall still leaves a lot to be desired!  At present they are having two walks a day minimum and every day is another step forward. They would like a garden in their new home, but it will need to be secure with a six foot fence to stop Fido exploring further afield.

Ted and Fido are both in good health for their age and have been neutered, micro-chipped and their vaccinations are up to date.

All this gorgeous pair need now is a home of their own where they will feel safe and loved. There may be a few hiccups along the way as they settle in, but your patience will be well rewarded they will bring twice the love and twice the fun into your life.

So if you think you are up to the challenge and think Ted and Fido are they boys for you, then please contact the RSPCA as follows:

Please phone: 01329 667541
Or you can fill in a contact form here

Please make sure to mention you saw gorgeous Ted and Fido on the Oldies Club website

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