This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Bennie (Animal Adoption International, fostered Glasgow)

24/04/18 – We are delighted to hear that Bennie has found a new home!

Bennie is a sweet and gentle little Labrador cross and he’s looking for an extra special home. He was born with shortened front paws and was found on the streets of Romania where he probably begged for food to survive. Luckily Bennie was rescued by Animal Adoption International and he’s now in the care of one of their foster homes, just south of Glasgow, Scotland.

Bennie is seven years old and he copes really well with his disability. He gets around his foster home perfectly, and he has very strong back legs so can jump on and off the sofa. He’s house trained and will hold his bladder for a long time, especially if it is raining!! He can be left alone for reasonable periods of time, but the rescue would prefer him to go to a home with someone who is around for a good part of the day. He deserves lots of love and attention after all.

Bennie will make the most wonderful companion and his new family will be lucky to enjoy his fun-loving and quirky personality. He’s been in UK foster for nearly five months now and is so loving and gentle, he’ll take as many kisses and belly rubs as you can supply.

Bennie could live with children aged 6 years or over, and would be fine with younger visiting children. He can be a little defensive with other dogs at first, because he knows he’s quite vulnerable, but once he’s made friends he really loves to wrestle and play. He tolerates the cats in his foster home, ignoring them most of the time, but if they torment him he will tell them off.

Bennie has recently had a prosthetic paw made for his viable front leg and he’s been learning how to get around with it. It means he can start having walks as a tripod and begin enjoying a more “normal” doggie lifestyle.

The perfect home for Bennie will be one that sees beyond his disability. He has an enormous personality and deserves to have a long and happy retirement with a family of his own.

Bennie is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Apart from his disability he is in good health.


To find out more about sweet little Bennie, please contact Animal Adoption International as follows;

Tel: 07949 552645

Please mention that you saw Bennie on the Oldies Club website.


Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.