Blue (Rain Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Blue is a stunning Husky boy in the care of Rain Rescue in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. He’s believed to be over 7 years old and is known to have a lovely nature. He could perhaps live with another dog after careful introductions but wants an adult only home.

Typical of the breed, he can be a little aloof and when first going exploring the rescue’s paddock but once he’s done his own thing, he’s all yours and can be pretty affectionate.

As you can see in the photos he can give paw on request. He shows other signs that he has had some basic training in the past. He’s not really into toy play but enjoys mental stimulation such as scent work and treat toys!

Blue loves to get out and about for good walk and preferably a gallop in a secure field. He’s a real gem of a dog and will make a brilliant companion for the right person or family.

If you have a Husky shaped hole in your life, please contact Rain Rescue by completing their online application form.

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