This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Champ (Greyhound Trust, fostered Nottinghamshire)

13/3/18 – Lovely old Champ has found the perfect forever home after being spotted on the Oldies Club website. Good luck Champ!

Please meet Champ, a very handsome 10 year old greyhound who is currently in the care of a Greyhound Trust foster home in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire. Champ spent a very long time in kennels, always being overlooked, but his luck changed when he was taken into foster care a few months ago.

Since then Champ has really mellowed and Greyhound Trust says he’s a perfect example of how a foster home can change a dog! Thanks to his foster Mum and Dad, Champ has blossomed into a real gentleman.

Champ is clean in the home and has good manners. He loves snoozing on his bed and he’ll sleep through the night with no problems. He doesn’t mind being left for short periods of time and just settles down until you come home.

Although he loves his home comforts, Champ enjoys the outdoors too and he has a funny playful side. When the sun’s shining you’ll find him sunbathing in the garden or prancing around, playing like he’s a puppy again! He’s also quite partial to a trip to the beach.

Champ walks nicely on his lead. He gets on well with other greyhounds and is socialising more with other breeds. He currently shares his foster home with another female greyhound and they get along very well.

Champ has met visiting children and been as good as gold with them. He’s not pushy for affection, but will go to new people if he feels he wants a cuddle. He doesn’t like too much hustle and bustle, and at his age who can blame him, so a quieter household would be perfect.

Today is Champ’s birthday (7th January), so let’s give him the best birthday present ever and find him a forever home!


To find out more about this lovely old gent, please contact Greyhound Trust as follows;

Tel: 0115 9533344
Or send a Private Message via the Greyhound Trust Facebook Page

Please mention that you saw Champ on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.