This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Jack (Safe Rescue, fostered Great Yarmouth)

7/9/18 – Jack has found his new home!

Spotting a rare Spotted Whatsadoodle in the wild is every dog lover’s dream. They are the rarest and most sought after of breeds and one look at Jack will tell you why! Jack is an adorable example of the Whatsadoodle, or what is more commonly called ‘some sort of poodle cross’. His passport says he is 10, although he couldĀ  be a little younger. He was rescued by Safe Rescue from a public shelter in Romania, where he made sure no one ever touched him or got near him.

When Jack arrived a few weeks ago, he was a stinky, tangled grey mess with eyes and an attitude. His foster mum was undeterred and quickly set about finding the dog under all that matted fur. He had to be muzzled at first, but when he realised there was no way out, he submitted with patience and dignity. What emerged after hacking through the matts and a nice shower was a big bin full of hair and much smaller dog. He emerged from the ordeal feeling better than he probably had in years.

Jack still has an attitude about him and likes having his own way, but he is showing his quirks and learning to settle into his new life. He will sit on his foster mum’s lap and be stroked but he seems perplexed about why this is happening. He is slowly learning to enjoy human attention, but he is still very much a work in progress.

Jack is obviously going to need an experienced owner who will have the time and patience to teach him that he is loved and protected. Lead training is so far been ‘interesting’ but he is gradually getting the hang of it. There is a whole world out there for him to explore, populated by people and other dogs who live harmoniously together, that he deserves to experience.

Jack needs and adult family but he can live with other dogs. If you are looking for a rewarding project teaching an adorable dog to love you he is the one for you. When you gain his love it means you have worked hard to deserve it! It will be all the more valuable that way. Good job Jack’s cute, right???

If you have the time, energy and patience to win this dog’s love, please contact Safe Rescue as follows (quoting reference 0522562):

Tel. 07788 251197 or 07899 844524

Please mention that you saw Jack on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.