This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Perry (Friends of the Animal RCT, fostered South Wales)

1/6/18 – Perry has found a home!

Introducing Perry, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, who is searching for a long-term foster home where he can retire and enjoy the rest of his life, after rough beginnings. He is an adorable, sweet old gent who is only asking for a place to sunbathe and bask in your company and that of other dogs. At the moment he is in the care of Friends of the Animals RCT. He is around 8 years old.


Perry is proving to be a kindly, loving little man with an uncomplicated, beautiful soul. Despite his rotten treatment when he was younger, he loves people and will go up to anyone who is willing to offer him a fuss and attention.

Perry loves nothing more than sleeping in the sun, or in a nice cosy bed. He enjoys the company of other dogs and another dog in the house is a must for him. He would prefer a quiet, calm canine companion rather than a boisterous youngster though.

Perry is such a gentle boy that he can live with older sensible children. Although  he is not cat-tested, he should be fine with them. He has a live and let live policy.

Perry is well behaved in the house. He will toilet outside, but sometimes he can’t hold it in so his fosterers will need to be vigilant, watching for telltale signs that he needs to go out! He loves doggy beds and prefers them to being on furniture. He can be left for short periods as long as he has his doggy friend(s) keeping him company.

He will walk short distances, but has never been walked before moving in with his current fosterers. He is happy to be out meeting other people and dogs, but he tires quickly and wants to go home.

Because he has a grade 5 heart murmur, he needs an understanding home with a family who can look after his limited needs. He requires daily medication for this, which will be paid for by the rescue. He arrived in rescue with a nasty ear infection that needs to be cleaned out daily to avoid further problems. And he only has one tooth, the poor dear.

The treatment Perry received when he was younger has taken its toll, but he holds no grudges and just wants to get on with life now that he is loved and cared for as he deserved to be all his life. He is a happy, loyal boy who just wants to sit at your feet or in front of the fire. If that is what you are looking for, Perry is your boy!

If you can offer Perry the long-term foster home he is looking for, please contact Friends of the Animals. Potential adopters are expected to make arrangements to visit him in his current foster home. Because FOA is looking for someone to foster Perry for the long term, no adoption fee will apply.

Contact information:
Please read about FOA’s rehoming process and complete a Pre-Adoption form (¬†link here¬†) and one of their adoption coordinators will contact you for a chat.

There is no adoption fee as Perry will be on long-term foster where the charity cover all non-regular vet fees.

Please mention that you saw Perry on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.