This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Simona (Love Underdogs, Essex)

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9/9/18 – Gorgeous Simona has found a new home and is now very happy!

This sunny, sociable lady is Simona the 9 year old Carpathian Shepherd. She’s been in the care of Love Underdogs in Waltham Abbey, Essex for a few months and has proved herself to be a real star! She’d enjoy living with other dogs after good introductions and she’s an engaging, affectionate girl with all people.

Simona arrived in the UK having spent the previous 5 years in a Romanian shelter. Despite having had very limited life experience, she has oodles of character (in a good way!). She shows all the traits of her breed: loyalty to family, keen instincts and high intelligence. The rescue are looking for an adult only home for Simona, simply due to her age. She is gentle and friendly with everyone. She loves a bit of fuss – almost as much as an outing!

Simona spent much of her life sharing a kennel with another dog and she has been on temporary foster with another calm, younger girl. She will adapt to a new canine companion or two but preferably not dominant, high energy ones. She does have a real affinity for other Shepherds – sensible people, she finds.

Simona is extremely bright and has proved to be adaptable during her time in foster. She walks nicely with other dogs and absolutely loves this new activity “walkies!”. She’d enjoy a fairly active lifestyle. Carpathian Shepherds have a longer life expectancy than German Shepherds. She should have many years of wonderful companionship to offer.

After her time in foster, her carers said, “She’s been an absolute delight! Settled brilliantly, with no issues and has got on brilliantly with Jess, our dog. Every day she gets more and more trusting of you. On walks, she is good on lead and has made many doggy and human friends in her time with us. She loves playing with other Shepherds! With other dogs, she will just give them a sniff and a tail wag. She can be a little wary of small dogs (like Pugs, French Bulldogs) but she’s just cautious around them.

“She is nervous of big groups of people and loud noises, and will simply attempt to retreat, but she is a brave girl and as she trusts you she does conquer her fears. She managed 2-3 walks a day without any issue, and she enjoys a walk just before bed time to sleep better. We’ve loved every dog we’ve fostered, but we would both agree she has been the easiest, both in and out of the house. We’d welcome her back any time.”

If you can offer this beautiful girl a loving home, please get in touch with Love Underdogs via the application form online.

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Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.