This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Abbey (Rescue Remedies, West Sussex)

20/11/19 – Lovely Abbey has found a home

Abbey is a lovely 7 year old American Bulldog girl in the care of Rescue Remedies at boarding kennels in Gatwick, West Sussex. She’d been used for breeding and then abandoned so she take a while to trust people when she first meets them. As soon as she decides you’re OK, she’s a cheerful and relaxed companion.

Abbey is a polite girl who knows basic commands like sit and paw. She walks nicely on the lead too. She was scared at first and is slowly coming out of her shell but she really needs to be out of kennels and in a proper home asap.

Here are some of thing nice things volunteer walkers have said about this sweetheart…

“I met and walked Abbey for the first time on Sunday and she impressed me with what a sweet dog she is. When I first entered her kennel, Abbey very carefully had a good sniff of me. When she was satisfied that she’d finished her sniffing, she sat calmly as I put her harness and leads on. Walking out of kennels, she ignored all the other dogs and without any pulling on the lead, trotted nicely ahead of me. We passed Milo the kennel cat on the way out. She had a good look at him, watched him scamper off, and then carried on walking. She showed no interest or desire to follow where Milo had gone (what a good girl!).

“On our walk, we passed other dogs, cows lying in the grass, families having a picnic. While she noted them all, she was just happy trotting along ahead of me. She responded very well to her name, turning to me every time I called her. She got a little sausage treat every time for her attentiveness. And she loved the water! She even went in deep enough for a swim. I was enjoying walking Abbey so much, that I forgot to take photos! What a sweet and gorgeous dog she is.”

“I was expecting a scared little love but was greeted by a joyous sweetheart! We had a lovely loose lead walk and Abbey past multiple dogs beautifully. Abbey was interested but sat and watched them go past. She’s such a gentle and sweet dog. Whilst we were out a little Finch hopped in front of us on the path and just stayed there as we approached having some sort of inter-species chat with Abbey. It was a slightly surreal thing to witness as we walked past with both animals “tipping their hats” at each other and then the bird hopping off back into the bush!”

“Abbey is definitely my crush of the week. Kennels don’t really suit this lovely girl – I hope she gets her forever home soon. She was very nervy in her kennel when I first met her, but this week, she remembered me. We went out for a lovely calm stroll… She’s big and strong but VERY soft and loving. She did lead us a little astray on the way back, deciding we could stay out a bit longer than I meant to and do an extra loop (clever girl)!”

If you can offer this steady, happy girl the settled home she needs, please contact Rescue Remedies by filling in their online form.

To access it click here.

Please say you saw Abbey on the Oldies Club website.

“If only someone would take me home!”

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.