This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Alfie (Romanian Rescue Appeal, fostered South Wales)

8/9/2019 Cute Alfie is so happy to be staying with his foster carer in his forever home.
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Cute Alfie had a horrible history of neglect in Romania before being rescued by the Romanian Rescue Appeal, and he is now being cared for in a foster home in Magor, South Wales. He would like to find a quiet home where he has company for most of the time and which would ideally be in South Wales/South West area. Pospective adopters must be willing to travel to South Wales to meet him and discuss his needs.

Alfie is a small (6kg), light brown, Chihuahua-type Crossbreed and is 9 years old. He is a uniquely charming little dog, if a bit “wonky”. He follows his foster mum around the house and likes to know where his human is. He will run about your feet whatever you are doing and needs to lie near you when you sit down. A secure garden is essential as he is inquisitive.

Alfie is housetrained and well-behaved. He will bark or cry initially when left alone, although he will usually settle down to sleep fairly quickly. He does take cues from the other dogs in the house so would benefit from another dog to show him the way, although he could probably be an only dog providing he had plenty of human contact.

Alfie has not been cat-tested but is very gentle and so would probably be fine. There should be no young children in the home as he could be accidentally knocked and injured, and he also has health conditions that mean he should not be allowed to get overexcited. Despite his age and health, Alfie is quite a lively boy and can get about quite fast. He walks well on a lead but must only be walked on a no-choke-type harness and not wear a collar (for medical reasons).

Alfie is neutered and, when in Romania, he was diagnosed and treated for heartworm. He has an old injury or defect on one hind leg which he carries; he bears no weight on it but runs about on the other three with no apparent problems. He has been diagnosed with tracheal collapse but is not currently on medication for this. It is a degenerative condition so he is receiving supplements to help (CBD, turmeric, fish oils, liver support). He will need regular check-ups at the vet to monitor the condition and it means he coughs and wheezes when active or excited. He has a cloudy eye believed age-related and he has some benign growths on his skin.
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If you think you could give sweet Alfie the home he needs, please contact Romanian Rescue Appeal as follows:

Fill in their Online Enquiry Form here
Or send a message via their Facebook Page here.

Please mention that you saw Alfie on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.