Boss (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Chilled-out Boss is an approximately 7 year old Bull Mastiff, possible Cross, who was found in a sorry state in a Romanian public Shelter after another dog had bitten his leg very badly. Sadly, attempts to save the leg failed and Boss had to have the leg removed.

Boss is now in a foster home near Norwich, Norfolk, provided by Safe Resce and is probably the most laid-back dog in the world. Nothing fazes him. When he was visited in the shelter in Romania, it took encouragement just to get him to wake up and say hello!

Boss is great with other dogs, cats and children. He’s clearly a big lad, but he doesn’t move a lot, so it’s just like having a living and breathing, and rather lovely, doorstop.

Who could resist him?
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If you would like to take home a very soppy Boss, please contact Safe Rescue, quoting Ref. FR007l, as follows:

Tel/Message: 07788 251197 or 07899 844524 between 9am – 6pm

Please mention that you saw Boss on the Oldies Club website.

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