This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Chocolate Brown Billie! (Oldies Club, fostered Hertfordshire)

28/08/19 – Billie has gone off to his new home!

Billie is a 13-year-old Chocolate Labrador boy who came into the Oldies Club rescue when his owner moved to accommodation where pets aren’t allowed. Billie is in a foster home in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, waiting for someone to offer him a permanent home.

A good boy in foster: It took Billie about a week to settle into life at his foster home and he has proved to be a gentle boy who gets on well with people and other animals.

Enjoys company: Billie has been fine when left for a few hours with the other animals at his foster home keeping him company, but he would be happiest in a home where he has someone around for most of the day.

Loves dogs: Billie loves other dogs and likes to say hello and play with them. He gets on really well with the resident dog at his foster home.

Good with cats: Billie is absolutely fine with the cat at his foster home. He is interested in her but he never chases.

Lived with children: His foster carer has no experience of Billie with children, but we were told that he lived with children all his life in his previous home. His foster carer says that Billie has a gentle nature and so we think he would be fine to live with kind, gentle older children who understand and respect the needs of an older dog.

Loves walks, but not too far: Billie absolutely loves his walks and he is a great sniffer when on the lead. He doesn’t pull, and when he is off the lead his little face lights up – he virtually smiles! The only thing to watch when he is off lead is that he can try to be too ambitious for his arthritic back legs to cope with. He is slightly deaf, and also has selective Labrador hearing, so recall can take some time and encouragement, but he never strays far from you. Billie is having walks of up to 1 mile in length, once or twice a day.

OK in the car: Although Billie is not totally at ease in the car and has some trouble getting in and out due to his back legs, he does not get car sick and does not complain.

Billie’s favourite pastimes: Being petted, sleeping, eating and sniffing.

Billie’s ideal home: A home with people who are around most of the time who don’t expect him to go for overly long walks.

Health notes: Billie is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. He has just had a dental so has lovely clean teeth. Billie has arthritis in his back legs which gives him pain and he also has some muscle wastage. He is now having an anti-inflammatory painkiller (Rimadyl 100mg once a day) and this will be ongoing. He has itchy skin which is possibly allergy related as it seems to be worse if he spends time out in the garden. He is currently trialling Apoquel 16mg which seems to be helping.

Billie’s foster carer tells us more: Billie is affectionate, gentle, calm and easygoing. He is a big cuddly bear who is still loving life despite his age and poorly back legs. He deserves a wonderful new home.

If you would like to offer Billie a permanent home, please read our Adoption Procedures for information about the adoption process. You can then contact an Oldies Club rehoming co-ordinator as follows:

Telephone: 0844 586 8656

Billie can be rehomed anywhere on the UK mainland, subject to a satisfactory home visit, but note that you will be required to travel to the foster home to meet him.

If you would love to offer a home to an oldie but your circumstances aren’t suitable, perhaps you would be kind enough to sponsor one of the special oldies we are caring for that, due to health problems, are unlikely to be offered a permanent home.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.