Dylan (Love Underdogs, Essex)

Dylan is a lovely 12-year-old boy who has sadly spent the last 9 years at a shelter in Romania. Love Underdogs were therefore delighted to welcome him to the UK for the chance to find a loving home after such a long time with so little love.

Dylan is one of those charismatic dogs that people stop to say hello to when he is out on walks. He has such a kind face but it sadly looks like he has been through the wars as he has patches of fur missing. The vet thinks this is just the result of a poor quality of life for years. Love Underdogs think he is still very handsome though, and here at Oldies Club we completely agree!

Dylan is a real cuddle monster who loves attention and he is starting to show his happier side. He is a huge hit with other dogs, especially the girls – they all adore him. He would be happy living as a single dog or with other dogs, and he should be OK to live with a compatible cat. Love Underdogs don’t rehome their older dogs to live with children.

Dylan has arthritic joints and is not a dog you would do training with. He doesn’t really like to sit – he prefers to stand or lie down – so sitting might be uncomfortable for him. He is on anti-inflammatory medication and a joint supplement and he is certainly looking better on it. Apart from the arthritis, the vets feel he has no health issues.

Dylan is just a lovely, uncomplicated oldie hoping that someone will give him a chance of a wonderful retirement. He has never had much of a life and so being truly loved will be really special to him. He would love a garden to potter in as he doesn’t want to go for long walks.

Could you offer handsome Dylan a loving home?

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