This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Rodney (The Mutts Nutts Rescue, fostered Lincolnshire)

7/1/20 – Great news for little old Rodney – he’s found a new home!

Rodney is a 17-year-old Patterdale Terrier who is in foster with The Mutts Nutts Rescue in Lincolnshire, because his lifelong owner has sadly passed away. Rodney appears on Mutts Nutts’ Facebook page.

Rodney is a great little chap who was understandably quite stressed and anxious after losing the owner he has been with for the last 17 years, however he is settling day by day at his foster home.

Lovely Rodney is an active boy for his age. He enjoys short walks and is always happy and excited to go, but he can’t walk too far due to his old joints. He likes to hold his lead and take you for a walk – a thing he did with his previous owner – and he still loves to do this.

He is used to meeting lots of people and would give a warning bark when people visited his home, but was always friendly when they said hello. He is inquisitive when meeting new dogs and may bark initially but he is not unfriendly and has lived happily with cats and dogs previously. Rodney is good with the vet and travels well in the car, but he likes to sit forwards so he can see out.

Rodney has always lived in a bungalow so will need a bit of help with stairs if you live in a house. He loves to be with you and likes your attention but will also go off and happily settle when you are in the house – he likes fuss on Rodney’s terms.

Rodney is neutered and he appears to be in good health for his age. He has a few lumps and bumps, and age-related arthritis, but is very happy to go out for walks and potter around with you. Rodney is up to date with his vaccinations and flea and worm treatments and he is microchipped.

Could you offer dear old Rodney a loving retirement home?


Contact The Mutts Nutts Rescue as follows:

Phone: 01780 654072 – please do leave a message, with your phone number, if no answer

Please mention that you saw Rodney on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.