This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Thor (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

27/4/19 – Thor has been adopted – yay!

Gorgeous Thor is a 9 year old crossbreed boy in foster care in Marsham, Norfolk through Safe Rescue. They rescued him from a shelter in Romania where he’d been for years. His transformation since being in foster care with lots of other dogs, is really remarkable. Once he finds a peaceful forever home with kind owners and perhaps one or two other dogs, his happiness will be boundless!

His foster carer says, “When Thor came to me he skulked into the nearest open crate and he lived pretty much in the back of that crate for months. I lead trained him and made him go for walks, hopeful that the sights and smells would rouse his interest enough to lift the darkness of his depression. But he walked glued to my leg until almost home when he would scurry gratefully back into his safe place.

“To be honest, after nine months, I’d pretty much accepted this was it for him and all he could expect from life. Then a few weeks ago I reached for the slip leads and the whole pack got excited as they are prone to do….. and I looked down and there stood Thor looking expectantly up at me. So I said to him, “if you let me put this lead on you without running off I’ll gladly take you” I took a step towards him not thinking for a moment that he wouldn’t lose his bottle and run off…

“… to my amazement he stood stock still to have the lead placed over his head and walked out the door with me with his tail up and wagging! From that moment, which I will never be able to explain, he has gone from strength to strength. He’s still quite a worrier at home and he still sleeps in the crate. On walks though that dog has fun and that’s something I never predicted for him. He runs, he plays, he checks in with me regularly and nuzzles my fingers for reassurance. It’s just so good to see him happy!

I’m a multi-dog fosterer and I do wonder if a lot of the camping out in the crate is due to him not feeling safe in a large pack due to his experiences at the shelter. I think he needs to live with one or two other dogs but I definitely think he needs more space and peace than he gets here.”

If you can offer Thor the space and peace he needs, please contact Safe Rescue , (quoting his ref. 0692761 and his location ref. FR001) as follows:

Phone:  07788 251197   or   07899 844524


Or to message them through their Facebook page click here.

Please say you saw Thor on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Thor’s original page dated 19th June 2018.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.