Troy (Foal Farm Animal Rescue, Kent)

Troy is a very special boy, being one of the Macau Greyhounds rescued from China. He is a 7 year old Greyhound and is now enjoying life in the safe care of Foal Farm Animal Rescue in Biggin Hill, Kent.

Troy is the most wonderful, comical boy who absolutely loves life – one of the reasons that he got out of China alive. He is loving and affectionate and truly deserves a lovely home. He tries to keep his kennel pristine.

Troy is certainly a work in progress with small, fluffy items and his adopter will need to be aware of this. However, he now has had fluffy toys introduced and is doing well. A sense of humour is required, but Troy is such a friendly, funny boy he’s guaranteed to win anyone over.

Troy has a fairly high prey drive and so he needs a sensible owner or previous Sighthound adopter. He can live with another Sighthound subject to introduction, but not small dogs or small furries. There should be no young children in the home due to toys, etc.

Troy is neutered and has no known medical conditions. He’s simply a smashing, affectionate boy and such a cuddle monster. Please read his rescue story here.
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If you would like to offer Troy the wonderful home he truly deserves please contact Foal Farm Animal Rescue as follows:

Tel: 01959 572386 – option 2

Please mention that you saw Troy on the Oldies Club website.

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