This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Bradley (Rovers Dog Rescue, fostered Essex)

19/2/21 – Bradley has found a new home!

Rovers Dog Rescue present to you the very special Miniature Poodle Bradley! He’s 12 years old and currently in a multi-dog foster home in Chelmsford, Essex. He’s looking for an adult-only home and prospective adopters need to be within an hour’s drive of Chelmsford.

Bradley gets on well with other dogs. He’s even tolerant of the mouthy puppy at his foster home. Safe to say, he’d be happy sharing his new home with dog friends provided they’re compatible.

He’s untested with cats but he does like to chase birds in the garden so he might feel the same about anything quick moving. Poodles are classed as the second most intelligent breed of all dogs and Bradley is no exception. He’s what’s euphemistically known as a Real Character!

Some of his cantankerous habits will be based on genuine worries he has, such as being nervous of men. Others are just him being bossy and set in his ways. He needs an experienced owner who can be firm but fair with him and can tell what’s real and what’s for effect. Bradley finds that when you look as if butter wouldn’t melt, you can run rings around people!

Having said that, he is as adorable as he looks and bonds very strongly with his human. It’s a joy to groom him, with that beautiful coat. He loves company and doesn’t like to be left for more than about an hour.

For his age, Bradley is in pretty good condition. He can take an hour’s walk in his little stride. His hearing and eyesight aren’t perfect and he has a condition which affects his kidneys. This doesn’t require any medication yet. It’s managed through his diet. He eats special raw food which is easily affordable and comes in cartons. His new owner will obviously need to make sure he sticks to this diet, no tit bits. You must resist those pleading eyes!

If you might be the sensible, experienced person who can appreciate a small oldie with a big personality, please contact Rovers Dog Rescue as follows:

Phone:   01277 821740   or   07969 730749


Or to message them through their Facebook page click here.

Please say you saw Bradley on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Bradley’s previous page dated 3 August 2020.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.