This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Micky (Safe Rescue, kennelled Norfolk)


27/06/2020 – Micky has been adopted after being featured as the Oldies Club Old Dog of the Week! Hooray!

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Dear old Micky is a medium sized Crossbreed boy whose passport says he’s 10 but he’s believed to be a bit younger. He’s currently in kennels in North Walsham, Norfolk, through Safe Rescue. He had been in foster care, in a multi-dog household but found it a bit too hustly and bustly. He needs a quiet life and would very much appreciate a bed beside a radiator!

Micky is friendly with other dogs but wants to be the only one at home. His past is pretty dramatic. He was a street dog in Romania, in a pack of strays who were cared for by some locals. One fateful day, the dog catcher caught the whole group and put them in a really rotten public shelter where their time would have been numbered…

However! The locals who’d been caring for the group swiftly got them out of that dreadful place and into a private shelter, which was much nicer. That’s where Safe Rescue found them and, having found foster homes in the UK for each of them, they brought them here to find forever homes.

Micky has minor physical scars from his past on his face and those frayed ears but emotionally, he’s well rounded. He still enjoys human company. He likes a fuss from anyone who’s kind. He’s met children and was an absolute gent with them! He settled in to his former foster home within a day, so he is certainly domesticated.

It’s a real shame that he’s had to go into kennels and has been overlooked for months. He has all the qualities you could want in a dog: steady, affectionate, easy to walk and undemanding. All he needs out of life is a home where he can relax and people to call his own. Plus a garden and walkies, naturally!

If you could offer this deserving older gentleman the laid-back retirement he so urgently needs, please contact Safe Rescue as follows:

Phone or text:   07899 844524   or   07788 251197 (between 9am and 6pm)


Or to message them through Facebook, click here.

Please say you saw Micky on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Micky’s original post dated 12th September 2019.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.