Opie (Cheltenham Animal Shelter, Gloucestershire)

Gorgeous boy Opie is almost 6 years old but needs less exercise than a typical Rottie of his age. He’s in the care of Cheltenham Animal Shelter in Gloucestershire. Although he doesn’t need long walks, he does need lots of play time!

Opie wants to be the only pet in an adult only home. He’s a loving and loyal boy who loves being with his people. He needs company most of the time. That way he can relax and focus on the important things in life…

Opie is sensitive as well as soppy. He can find strangers a bit of a worry, especially men. He needs owners who are understanding and project the kind of calm, confident air which will help him overcome his fears in his own time. Needless to say, only positive reinforcement training will work with his nervousness. What Opie seems to love best is toys!

Rottie lovers will already know what amazingly squidgy, affectionate, goofy and lovable dogs they are. Being leaned into for fuss by such a reassuringly solid friend is the best thing ever!

Opie is currently on medication for his back. The rescue think he might have an issue with one of his hips, which is why he doesn’t need a lot of exercise. This doesn’t stop him making the most of life in any way and Opie’s main talent is making people laugh with is antics!

If you can offer Opie the love, understanding and play time he seeks please contact Cheltenham Animal Shelter as follows:

Email: dogs@gawa.org.uk
Phone: 01242 523521

Please say you saw Opie on the Oldies Club website.

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