This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Sheba (Chilterns Dog Rescue Society, Herts.)

24/9/2020 Lovely Sheba has received some lovely offers of a new home and most likely the right home for her is amongst them … paws crossed, Sheba. Update: She has found a wonderful home!
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Such a lovely regal name for an equally lovely lady … Sheba is a fairly large, white Huskie X Samoyed-type bitch. Her exact age is not known but the vet has assessed her to be around 8 years old and, due to a change in family circumstances coupled with her previous owner’s ill health, she needs a new, forever home. In the meantime, she is being cared for by Chilterns Dog Rescue Society in Tring, Hertfordshire.

Sheba is a wonderful, gentle and affectionate girl who has spent the last 4 years living in a family home with 4 children. Her history prior to this is not known. Sheba has been left alone a lot recently and, at the point when she entered the Rescue Centre, had not been for a walk for over 8 months. As a result, she has put on more than just a bit of lockdown weight; in fact, at 43 Kg, she is almost twice as heavy as she should be.

Sheba is slowly shedding the extra pounds but with so much to lose, this will take time, a steady exercise programme and a sensible feeding regime. She is now becoming increasingly lively and keen to go for walks although, at the moment, this is still quite hard work for her. Ultimately, it would be lovely to see her running around freely, but right now a number of shorter walks daily plus a secure garden to explore would suit her well.

Sheba is happy and well-socialised. She gets on well with unfamiliar people and dogs but having spent so much time alone, she would prefer a home where someone is around for much of the day. She has not lived with cats but might well be tempted to chase them as she gets fitter.

Sheba is said to travel well by car but has had few opportunities to do so. Her lead work is improving but she is a strong dog who will need an owner capable of dealing with her relatively large size and strength, preferably someone used to dogs of this type.

Sheba has been neutered and, apart from excessive weight gain which restricts movement at this time, she has no major health issues. She has some thickening of her pads and her nails are distorted because she has not been walked, but these are being clipped regularly and are already showing signs of improvement, again making walking more comfortable for her.
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Could you offer this gorgeous, cuddly lady her forever home? If so, please contact Chilterns Dog Rescue Society as follows:

Tel: 01296 623885

Please mention that you saw Sheba on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.