Alfie & Lennon (Private rehoming, Buckinghamshire)

Alfie on the left and Lennon on the right

Alfie & Lennon have a new home lined up. Fingers crossed for them!

Alfie and Lennon are adorable 14-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier brothers who need to find a new home urgently due to very sad circumstances. Alfie and Lennon are currently in Cheddington, Buckinghamshire.

The boys are from the same litter and have been in their owner’s family since they were 7 weeks old. They are truly lovely, well-socialised dogs with beautiful manners. They would very happily live in the company of other calm, friendly dogs. They aren’t used to cats but they are used to being around children.

They can be left on their own for 2 or 3 hours without issues. They travel well in the car too.

The only thing they are frightened of is fireworks, and their favourite pastime is having a jolly good snooze in a comfy spot. Bliss!

Lennon enjoys a warm, comfy bed

Alfie and Lennon have a few health issues, as is to be expected with dogs of their age, but it is nothing that can’t be managed by their daily medication. Please note that their owner wants them to continue to have the very best care and she will happily continue to cover costs such as their specialist food, daily medication and vet bills. In return she would love to be able to see them occasionally, if at all possible. Alfie and Lennon are very much loved and if there was any other way around the current situation their owner would not be rehoming them.

A quiet home with kind and caring people who will happily administer their daily medication, and coax them to help them eat if necessary, is what the boys need. They love to have gentle cuddles and they also appreciate a warm and comfortable place to sleep.

A pleasant garden for them to relax in would be perfect as Lennon does not like to walk more than a couple of metres, but he does enjoy a good sniff. Alfie still enjoys a walk, but only for about 20 minutes once per day.

Alfie and Lennon are both neutered. Lennon has Cushing’s Disease and high blood pressure. They both have dry eye and need to be fed a specialist diet due to IBS. All conditions are being treated and their owner will happily continue to pay for all care required.

Alfie and Lennon are being rehomed privately by their owner, Gemma, who has confirmed that she will take them back if their new home doesn’t work out for any reason. Prospective adopters will be carefully homechecked and Gemma hopes to be able to keep in contact and see them occasionally as she is heartbroken about having to part with them.

Absolute darlings

Could you offer these very special old boys a lovely home for the autumn of their lives?

Contact Gemma as follows:

Phone: 07766 395228

Please mention that you saw Alfie and Lennon on the Oldies Club website.

Oldies Club suggests you read our article Questions for Adopters which is written to help people who are planning to adopt a dog from a private owner rather than a rescue.

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