Axel & Lexi (Friends of Akitas, Bedfordshire)


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This gorgeous pair are Lexi (left, female) and Axel (right, male). They are 7-year-old Akitas who dote on each other and are looking for a retirement home together through Friends of Akitas (FOA). They are currently in Bedfordshire while they patiently wait for the chance of having their own humans and soft furnishings again.

Axel & Lexi had found a home through FOA previously but, through no fault of their own, their owner’s worsening health meant they needed to find a new home.

Axel is a cuddle-monster, always up for fusses, kisses, back rubs and (luckily) having his luxurious coat attended to. Lexi is affectionate too but not quite as soppy as Axel!

They keep their distance from other dogs and want to be the only pets in the home. They were used to having grandchildren visit at their former home but haven’t lived with children full time. It’s thought older children (12+) might be OK for them but they would also be happy with the peace of an adult-only home.

Axel on the left and Lexi on the right

They both play with toys sometimes but usually prefer to play with each other. They’re clean, tidy and well behaved in the home. They can be left for a little while and will settle nicely. Longer periods would need to worked up to gradually.

Axel travels very well in the car. Lexi sometimes gets travel sick. Naturally, they need a good garden and plenty of walks with you. Want to explore nature with a couple of bear-like beauties by your side?

If you want to find out more about these two wonderful dogs please contact Friends of Akitas as follows for an application form:


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