Baxta (Rescue Remedies, kennelled Gatwick)

Baxta is a lively, 9 year old Collie Cross who’s looking for a child free home through Rescue Remedies. He’s waiting patiently at their boarding kennels near Gatwick for that perfect person to find him. In the meantime, he’s getting on with that most important of jobs, tennis ball custodian!

Baxta completely ignores other dogs when he’s on walks. So much so that he’s entrusted with first time volunteer walkers because he’s guaranteed to be well behaved. He also ignores traffic noise, horses and pretty much anything that isn’t you or the ball. He has plenty of energy and can be strong on the lead but is also respectful and responsive, doing an excellent “sit” when required. Being a Good Boy is obviously important to him.

He’s certainly found his vocation since arriving in rescue but the reason for him being there is worth noting. Baxta had lived in the same family for 8 years until, one fateful day, there was an incident with the resident toddler. It was usual for the child to scramble up onto the sofa with Baxta. On this sad day though, something caused Baxta (completely uncharacteristically) to bite the child. Aparently Baxta had a sore, itchy rash and perhaps this was the cause. Nothing like it has happened before or since but, obviously, Baxta shouldn’t be around children. Not even visiting ones to be on the safe side.

Baxta walking with Eddie, both relax with each other.

The police removed Baxta from his home and Rescue Remedies offered him a  place, saving his life. He’s is now neutered, chipped, fully vaccinated and keeping walkers’ throwing arms busy!

On walker said, “The last few walks with Baxta he has found a tennis ball on the way out of the kennels and he doesn’t let go of the ball until the very end of the walk unless hinting for you to kick or throw the ball. He is very easy to get out of the kennel too. He does bark while you’re putting his leads on but I think he’s just excited to get out as the barking stops once the kennel door is open. He’s a very lovely boy and I really enjoy our walks.”

Another said, “I met handsome Baxta for the first time today and he was such a delight to spend time with. A couple of squirrels got his attention in the woods, but he moved on easily, especially when he heard the bag rustling and knew a few treats were on the way! Baxta still seemed full of beans after our walk so we headed to the paddock to play some ball which he absolutely loved. I think he would’ve carried on playing all day, but he gave in gracefully when I suggested it was time to go and waited patiently while I reattached his leads. Such a lovely boy!”

If you’d like to know more about Baxta, please read through his forum thread here.

Then please contact Rescue Remedies by filling in their online rehoming questionnaire here.

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