This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Blackjack (Rocky Road Rescue, fostered Staffordshire)

23/10/2021 – This lovely lad has been rehomed!


Blackjack is a handsome 9-year-old medium-large boy who is being rehomed by Rocky Road Rescue and is in a foster home in Staffordshire.

This gentleman originates from Romania and needs a quiet retirement home without children. He isn’t suitable for first-time dog owners. Blackjack is living with two younger dogs currently. He will play with them but grumbles when he gets tired and wants a break from them. They usually leave him when he grumbles and he’s more than happy to watch them play. He wants a quiet life, so would perhaps be happier to either be an only dog, or share his home with calmer old dogs like himself. On walks he doesn’t react to dogs or cats. He is good on the lead, doesn’t pull and walks beautifully. He doesn’t react to traffic.

Blackjack is good around food and doesn’t seem food motivated, but he is starting to love treats. He gets anxious when there are visitors and may snap at ankles when visitors walk past. The fosterer puts Blackjack on a lead, and visitors have treats, so if he goes over to them he gets a treat. Careful introductions with all visitors will be essential, but Rocky Road believe that given consistent training he will start to get more relaxed around visitors.

Blackjack has arthritis in his hips, and his left hip has little mobility, but he doesn’t let it affect his life. He has been treated for an eye infection. He gets a bit grumpy in the evening, and he doesn’t like visitors as mentioned above, however it doesn’t make him aggressive; he is a sweet lad. It’s a joy to see him roll about and play in the garden. He can be left for a few hours, just whines a bit at first but then soon settles.

A message from his fosterer: “He has had a hard life and with that comes baggage, but despite this he is a lovely dog who just wants to live out his last few years in peace and comfort surrounded by people who love and care for him. And he deserves nothing less. He is on a week’s course of meds for his hips and is reacting really well. Seems a lot more spritely now and wants to play and interact more. I have ordered some Yumove which is £16.67 per month. I would suggest whoever takes him on continues with this.

Blackjack will be vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and has a passport. A reduced Rocky Road Rescue ‘retirement fee’ of £250 applies.

Rocky Road Rescue make these important points:
**Please seriously consider what it means to adopt a dog from Romania. These dogs come with emotional baggage and need someone who can understand why they may behave in a certain way, and train them with patience and positive reinforcement to help them heal. They will not arrive perfect – some may have food aggression, some may be fearful of men, some may come from horrible conditions and have an unknown background. Only if you fully understood these traumas and conditions and are serious about adopting for life should you apply. Remember to set boundaries from day 1, as boundaries are key in helping the dogs adjust from shelter life to home life. Always train using positive reinforcement. Romanian dogs have been through too much already. It is our responsibility to ensure that the past is the past, and help them to become an all-round family pet.

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Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.