This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Buddy & Charlie (Pupcakes Rescue, Lincolnshire)

27/9/21 – Buddy & Charlie have been rehomed!


Buddy (aged 15) & Charlie (aged 13), Yorkshire Terriers, are with Pupcakes Rescue in Boston, Lincolnshire.

They are in rescue due to the tragic death of their owner. They are lovely dogs who have no behavioural issues, though poor Charlie does have some anxieties. They need a home with people who have Yorkie experience or have researched the breed well.

Charlie is hugely affectionate, loves licking you and climbing on you for snuggles; he just wants to please. he is nervous of men as he was abused when younger, but it’s not known how or who by. He is nervous of feet moving around him, so you need to move slowly and steadily near him. He struggles with loud noise of any kind and will hide himself away if there’s loud noise or shouting. He will tremble when unsure, and sometimes even vomit, poor lad. He doesn’t always want breakfast. He can be scared of bigger dogs and will avoid eye contact and move away, as though he’s making himself invisible. If he feels on edge he will take himself off and curl up somewhere he feels safe. He runs to the food bowl when the leads come out, to stock up on energy for the walk!

Buddy gives the most amazing cuddles and likes to flop his neck about while having a hug. He loves to be close but not so much on your knee. He also enjoys a shoulder massage. He is fairly deaf and almost blind; he just has a little vision in his left eye. He needs pulling away from obstructions when on a lead so that he doesn’t walk into things. He’s not great on the stairs so needs to be carried down. He’s quite whingey in nature and anxious at times. He can be feisty if another dog invades his space and he will also stick up for Charlie.

Buddy and Charlie enjoy taking life at a slow pace. A 20-25 minute walk a day, with access to a nice garden they can potter in, would suit them nicely. They enjoy meeting new people, both inside and out of the home, and are good in the car.

They are fine with similar-sized dogs so could live with a calm, small dog in their new home. They have shown no issues around dog-savvy cats. They aren’t used to living with children, so an adult home might be best, although they should be fine with children aged over 10.

Buddy and Charlie are fine to be left on their own for a while. They are non-destructive and housetrained, but applicants will have to be mindful that settling-in accidents can happen until a dog learns their new routine. Buddy might wake and be disorientated at night time. He will pace and cry for a little while. Their previous owner was a bit of an insomniac so he is used to having someone around at night. This does subside if they are allowed to sleep in the bedroom.

They are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and are in good health for their ages. Buddy needs drops for dry eye once a day. There is lots more detail about Buddy on Charlie on Pupcakes Rescue’s Facebook page.

Pupcakes Rescue are stipulating a £300 minimum adoption donation for the pair. Before applying, please read their Process and Covid Guidelines.

Then, to apply, complete Pupcakes Rescue’s Application form.

Please mention that you saw them on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.