Hector (RSPCA Millbrook, Surrey)

Distinguished Hector is a very special chap who was adopted from RSPCA Millbrook in Surrey when he was a year old. His family’s circumstances have changed and he is now in search of a new, forever home. He would like to be the only pet in an adult home or where children are older teens and a secure garden for playtime.

Hector is an approximately 8 year old, tan Staffordshire/English Bull Terrier Cross. He is a dear and sweet boy, but he can be anxious when there are lots of change or new things. He has always had this trait and his owners worked hard to try and overcome his anxieties.

Hector would like a home where someone is home most of the day to create a calm and structured daily routine. He needs a quiet home without lots of people coming and going, as strangers knocking on the door worry him. Ideally, he needs a fairly large home so he has space for himself. During the Covid lockdown, Hector loved having his family at home with him but when they all went back to work he found it very hard to cope. His anxiety caused him to become destructive and he started chewing. He will now need someone based at home during the day, and to be left alone for short periods built up slowly as he settles.

Hector has good basic training and loves going for his walks. He does walk very well on the lead but can pull at times when excited. Hector is generally good with dogs he meets on his walks but sometimes larger dogs might worry him. For this reason, he is best kept on the lead in public and not taken to very busy dog walking areas. His new family will need to keep up his good dog social skills by allowing him to walk with calm and friendly dog friends.

In his previous home, Hector was house-trained and travelled well in the car. His favourite thing is to cuddle on the sofa or play tug. He is not keen on the rain or cold so does request a dog coat when the weather is not to his liking. But the good news is he has one ready for his new adopters to use.
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Have you the home for this very special guy? If so, please apply to adopt Hector only if you meet the above criteria by contacting RSPCA Millbrook as follows:

Email: millbrook@rspca.org.uk
Or complete Millbrook’s online application form

Please mention that you saw Hector on the Oldies Club website.

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