Timmy (South East Dog Rescue, Kent)

Captain Timmy is a 13-year-old Staffy who ended up in a dog pound. He is now with South East Dog Rescue and is in Dartford, Kent, where he is proving to be a little treasure. He is quite a small Staffy at only 20kg.

Timmy would be very happy to live with another calm dog. He has been great with a variety of dogs in rescue, but is elderly and a bit wobbly, so could not live with a boisterous dog who would knock him about. He could potentially live as an only dog, but only if someone was always home; he has some separation anxiety and will bark if left all on his own. Timmy cannot live with cats or small furries.

Timmy would prefer to live in an adult-only home where he is not at risk of being knocked about. However, visiting, respectful children aged 10+ would be fine. He does still like to go out on adventures, but prefers two or three short walks a day. He would be best in a home with as few steps as possible. He has had a few pees on the carpet in a home environment, but has been as clean as a whistle in kennels.

Captain Timmy does lack his ‘sea legs’! His co-ordination is not great and he is a bit wobbly on his back end. The vets have checked him over and say that the issues are due to spondylosis as well as arthritis in one of his hocks. He will need to stay on Metacam permanently. However, despite his wobbly moments, he can still pull on his adventures so needs someone who is physically capable of managing a pulling pirate!

SEDR think that Timmy was sadly abandoned because of his health issues. Yet, despite being let down by humans, he is a very easy boy and an absolute sweetheart who loves a fuss.

Could you offer this special old pirate the caring home he so deserves?

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Contact South East Dog Rescue as follows:

Email: southeastdogrescue@hotmail.com with a brief description of the home you have to offer.

Please mention that you saw Timmy on the Oldies Club website.
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