Elvis & Presley (Starfish Dog Rescue, Gloucestershire)

Elvis on the left and Presley on the right

Elvis and Presley are best friends, aged around 8, who were found in a terrible state. They are with Starfish Dog Rescue in Gloucestershire, fostered in an adult home with other dogs and visiting grandchildren.

Elvis looks like a Yorkie X, and Presley might be a Schnauzer x Yorkie. They were found wandering in Bristol, on a golf course, with their leads still on, puss was oozing out of their mouths and ears, they stank, and had bits of dry poo stuck to them. They had clearly not had the care they needed for a very long time. After doing their time in the dog pound, and unsurprisingly not being claimed, they moved to Starfish.

It seems like they have lived happily in a home at some point as, once they stopped being stressed, they settled down very quickly, wanting cuddles and insisting on sleeping on the bed at night. They are also housetrained and are fine to be left for a few hours with no problems. They can jump 4ft stairgates though, and you have to be careful with the front door as Elvis will attempt to escape.

They have lovely, sweet temperaments with a few little quirks, but are quiet and easy to live with. They have met other dogs, cats and people, and seem to love everyone. They are receiving treatment for their ear infections and are booked in for surgery on their teeth which are in a shocking state. Once they are well, they will be ready to go to a new home.

They go crazy when it’s time for a walk, barking and jumping up and down, as they are so excited to go out. It can be tricky to manage, but once their harnesses are on they are fine. Out on walks, they pull a bit and will bark, especially Elvis, if they see another dog.

Their new people will need to be mindful of Elvis’s ability to jump and make a bid for freedom. You must have a very secure garden, with at least 5ft fencing, for them to enjoy having a run around in. They are active and really enjoy walks and playtime. You will also need to be happy for them to sleep on your bed. Elvis and Presley will be happy companions for the right people and are the type of dogs that will make you smile every day.

They will be neutered, vaccinated, flea/wormed, have had dentals and treatment for ear infections before they leave for their new home.

Elvis and Presley deserve the very best home now, so only apply if you will give them a wonderful future to make up for what they’ve suffered.

Contact Starfish Dog Rescue as follows:

Email: starfishdogrescue@hotmail.co.uk

Please mention that you saw them on the Oldies Club website.

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