Jay (RSPCA Macclesfield, SE Cheshire & Buxton)


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Jay is a very special 9-year-old West Highland Terrier in the care of RSPCA Macclesfield, SE Cheshire and Buxton Branch. His elderly owner became too unwell to care for him anymore and he does needs quite a lot of care, including daily massages with exotic oil.

Jay is true to the Westie with a small dog temperament, a real character! He has been well cared for his whole life from being a puppy (full medical history recorded) but has had skin and allergy issues his whole life, unfortunately it’s a common problem with the breed.

Jay needed veterinary care upon arrival and continues to do so. He will need permanent, ongoing care in the form of eye drops for dry eye. He has a cream or coconut oil massaged into his skin daily. He is on Apoquel for his allergies and Maleseb baths. He is partially sighted too… but he’s so cute!

Jay is not great with other dogs but is very manageable. He will need someone around most of the day and regular walks and visits to the garden. Papery things to rip up would go down well too!

He has been neutered and is fully vaccinated and was already microchipped. He has been diagnosed with Pseudomonas of the ears (infections) and is on lifelong steroids (which are being reduced so he’s improving somewhat) and needs his ears cleaning twice a week.  He has been treated for ear infections for several months now and regular treatment and vet visits have finally put paid to them, however they could be recurring especially if the current preventative treatments are not adhered to properly.

Jay is such a sweet boy and can be very playful. He loves to play mouth with your hands. He’s a real softy with quirks and he knows his own mind. He can be a grump. He does also have a timid side to him.


Experienced dog owners, especially dogs with issues/health conditions, so you know how to manage everything that Jay comes with in a kind manner. Visit him daily or several times over a couple of weeks pre-adoption, to bond and to get hands-on with the administration of his daily medications, and have a go at bathing him, this is so you get a feel for him and what works. Maybe he’ll honour you with getting on your lap!

He needs a secure garden, an adult only home, no other pets and preferably hard floors because carpets tend to harbour dust mites which make him itchy. Poor little guy! Jay is now on a raw diet by Jack Wolf as of August 2021, this is essential to help maintain good skin condition. The cost of the most expensive products Jay is on (some are cheaper when ordered online) come to roughly £30 a week. No more than a good take away for two and so much better to have a loving, loyal dog than an expanding waistline.

If you want to learn more about this charming, cheeky chappy, please contact the RSPCA Macclesfield Rehoming Co-ordinator as follows:

Email:  rehoming@rspca-macclesfield.org.uk

Phone: 07846 539500 (leave a message with your phone number)

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This replaces Jay’s previous page dated 27 June 2021.

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