Lola & Sonnie (Cheltenham Animal Shelter, Glos.)

This adorable pair are Lola (Shih Tzu, age 11) and Sonnie (Pomeranian, age 12) who are in the care of Cheltenham Animal Shelter in Gloucestershire. They’re looking for a special home quite urgently as Lola is blind and is not coping well with kennel life. Needless to say, they must stay together as Lola relies on Sonnie to find her way around.

Lola and Sonnie want a nice garden to potter about in and no other pets at home. They would be OK with sensible teenagers from age 16. They want human company most of the time. As you can imagine, they are adorable and delightful to have around.

Lola has had her eyes removed as they were not producing tears and she had painful ulcers. She’s much more comfortable now and manages well with the help of her best friend. Her hearing is starting to go but with a nicely predictable life and Sonnie to help her, she still has lots to offer.

If you might be the kind person with the right sort of home for these cuties, please contact Cheltenham Animal Shelter as follows:


Please say you saw Lola & Sonnie on the Oldies Club website.

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