This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Toby (Forever Hounds Trust, fostered Worcestershire)

05/09/17 – Toby has gone to his forever home! Hooray!

Tri-pawed Toby (Tobes to his friends) is a wonderfully handsome blue merle, medium-sized Lurcher aged about 7 years, who’s in the care of Forever Hounds Trust. He is in a foster home in Worcestershire where he gets along well with the resident Labrador.
FHT say, “Toby came in to us from a home and has been fostered pre and post operation, having had a painful and useless hind left leg removed. Quite newly healed, it is so wonderful to see his joy for life returning! You might not believe that a `tripod’ could zip around the garden in bursts of such high speed to chase thrown toys!
“Tobes enjoys plenty of rest, often lying in strange postures on his bed, interspersed with heightened activity, playing tug and chase. Toby is melodiously vocal as soon as his lead is reached for, or when he’d like to  play, or indeed, when it’s time for his meal! He enjoys short walks, hopping along happily and enjoying the smells as he goes.

“He is good on the lead, though he does bark excitedly when espying other dogs that he has not met before. Generally, once allowed to meet and greet, and with his regular walkies acquaintances, he acts in a happy and friendly manner. Toby lives well beside the Labrador at his foster home, with no issues over food or toys. He is well house trained. He has been fine with strangers and children when meeting them quietly and did live with young children in his previous home so could do so again.
“Toby is a loving dog (he might give you a gentle kiss!) who enjoys a bit of fuss and attention, but not overly so, usually taking himself off to bed by mid-evening and sleeping without fuss until morning comes!”
If a dozing Toby sounds like your kind of dog, please contact Forever Hounds Trust as follows:
Phone    03000 111 100
Or, to fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of Toby’s page, click here.
Please say you saw Toby on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.