Eric (Rehoming Animal Telephone Service, Hertfordshire)

Cutie boy Eric is a 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier in the care of Rehoming Animal Telephone Service in Hertfordshire. He adores human company and needs to have someone to follow round most of the time.

Eric is good with other small dogs. He’s a typical Terrier with cats and small furries though, so they’re a no thank you. He’d like a fairly active, adult only home. He’s still lively and loves his walks. Some snuggly lap time is especially important to him!

Eric’s need for company to feel safe, means he can become very anxious when left on his own. He’s put in a crate when it’s absolutely necessary to leave him. He’s also given a natural food supplement to help calm his nerves. What he’d be happiest with, is being able to sleep in the same room as you and to come out with you on any outings! Such fun!

If little Eric might be the perfect companion for you, please contact Rehoming Animal Telephone Service as follows:

Phone:  Julie on 01763 289827


Please say you saw Eric on the Oldies Club website.

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