Chivers (Many Tears Animal Rescue, fostered Tenby, Wales)

This sweet, adorable face belongs to Chivers, a ruby red Cavvy who is 8 years old.

This little guy is seeking a kind and understanding owner to make him feel safe and secure and loved for the rest of his days. Many Tears Animal Rescue are assisting him in finding this special person(s).

Chivers is quite the nervous little chap around new people and loud noises. He is getting braver, but he really would prefer a quiet home without children.

Chivers is brilliant with other dogs. Big or large, male or female, he wants to be friends with them all! He is also surprisingly tolerant of cats.

Chivers loves nothing more than being in the garden, galloping about to see what the other dogs are up to, his tail wagging like crazy the entire time. He is also getting better at going on short walks. He has a Grade 4 heart murmur but so far this hasn’t caused him any worry. He has, however, just started taking 1.5 Vetmedin twice a day along with a water tablet.

Chivers needs a companion who can be home with him most of the time in order to built up trust and to bond with them.

Can you give this cutie the love and security he is looking for, as well as another doggy or two to play with?

If so, please contact Many Tears Animal Rescue as follows:

Tel: 01269 843084

Please mention that you saw Chivers on the Oldies Club website.

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