Milo & Phoebe (Freshfields Animal Rescue, fostered Liverpool)


Milo and Phoebe are in a Freshfields Animal Rescue foster home. They are 10-year-old Yorkshire Terriers who were being left for long hours in their previous home due to their owner’s long work hours. Milo and Phoebe are not related but have been together all of their life so they are looking for a home where they can stay together.

Milo and Phoebe are very friendly and affectionate dogs. Milo is the more clingy of the two and loves attention, whereas Phoebe is more independent. They get along well with other dogs and could live with dogs in their new home, preferably dogs of a similar size and age. They have also been around cats in the family without any concerns, so may be able to live with a cat in their new home.

Milo and Phoebe have grown up with a child who was only 3 years old when they arrived. They are also used to visiting children of various ages, but due to their age, Freshfields feel they would be best suited to a quieter home where any children are over the age of 10.

As they were being left alone for long periods in their last home, Phoebe did start to toilet in the house. However both dogs moved into a foster home on 2nd May and there have been no issues with this so far. Milo and Phoebe have seen Freshfields’ vet and are both in good health but they do require dental treatment. Phoebe has an umbilical hernia which can be repaired at the same time. Milo has a history of fits and was reported to have had around 2 fits a year, however his last fit was in September. The vet is not concerned by this at this stage, however it is something that will be monitored closely while he is in foster.

Ideally, Freshfields are looking for a home where they will not be left alone for more than a couple of hours, with someone patient who can help Phoebe with her toilet training if this does become an issue.

Milo and Phoebe are a delightful pair who will make wonderful companions. Could you offer them a home together?

Milo and Pheoebe are not at Freshfields kennels, so you need to phone first to arrange an appointment to meet them.

Contact Freshfields Animal Rescue as follows:

Phone: 0151 931 1604

Please mention that you saw Milo & Phoebe on the Oldies Club website.

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