Ruby (Rain Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Ruby is a gorgeous Crossbreed girl of advanced years who’s in the care of Rain Rescue in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. She’s looking for a home with at least one other calm dog, preferably male. Children or cats are a no thank you. She’s a very gentle lady and has lived with a cat before, but she needs a peaceful retirement now.

Ruby has been through a tough time and is really looking for a bit of luck in her life. Originally from Romania, Ruby was left to fend for herself for most of her life on the streets. Finally she was adopted and her owner brought her to the UK a few years ago. Now, through no fault of her own she needs a forever home.

Ruby is shy with new people and used to being in a pack, rather than being a doted on pet. She really loves the company of other dogs and a multi-dog home would make her very happy.

If you can offer this special girl the loving home she seeks, please fill in Rain Rescue’s online enquiry form.

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Please say you saw Ruby on the Oldies Club website.

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