This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Charming Vince and his stroller! (Oldies Club, fostered Northampton)

31/07/2021 – Vince and his stroller have gone to their new home and he’s looking forward to having a lovely life there.
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Vince is a charming little 14-year-old Jack Russell Terrier boy who came into the Oldies Club rescue after his owner sadly died. Vince is in an Oldies Club foster home in Northampton, waiting for someone to offer him a permanent home.

A good boy in the home: Vince took about a week to settle in at his foster home.

Can be left for a short time: Vince loves to have company and needs a home with people around most of the time. You can pop out for an hour for a shopping trip, but that’s about his limit.

OK with calm dogs: Vince hasn’t had a lot of interaction with other dogs since coming into rescue but we were told that he used to live with another dog and is generally OK with other dogs. As he is an old chap he wouldn’t want to be around young, bouncy dogs and would be happiest as an only dog receiving lots of TLC.

Not a fan of cats: Vince needs a cat-free home.

Fine around older children: Vince would prefer a quiet home but would be fine with visiting older children.

Only needs short walks: Vince enjoys very short on-lead walks to have a bit of a sniff around. He has a stroller that he uses for outings. He had a cruciate ligament operation 10 years ago which was only partially successful and this has affected his walking ability. He doesn’t have good recall and has very limited sight, so he needs to stay on the lead to keep him safe.

Very good in the car: Vince loves a trip out in the car and he happily sits on his cushion to enjoy the journey.

Vince’s favourite pastimes: Little Vince loves pottering around, cuddles and sleeping.

Vince’s disikes: Sudden movements can unnerve Vince due to him having restricted sight, so a serene home is what he needs.

Vince’s ideal home: The ideal would be ground level accommodation with retired people who are fit enough to lift him in and out of his stroller and on to the furniture for a cuddle. He can manage one step but would have to be carried upstairs.

Health notes: Vince is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and has been wormed and flea treated. Vince had his right eye removed in 2016 and his left eye is cloudy but he can see. He has two lots of eye drops 4 times a day (Latanaprost and Brinzolmide) and these will be ongoing. He is having a high fibre diet with occasional addition of chicken. His walking is restricted due to the ligament issue and failed operation. No other health issues were found at his recent vet check.

More from Vince’s foster carer: Vince is quiet, affectionate, very cuddly and a complete charmer. The people he has met have fallen in love with him, including the Vet and the cafe owner where we have taken Vince out for a treat, and also our dog-loving neighbours.

Could you offer Vince a new home?

If you would like to offer Vince a permanent home, please read our Adoption Procedures for information about the adoption process. You can then contact an Oldies Club rehoming co-ordinator as follows:

Telephone: 0844 586 8656

Vince can be rehomed anywhere on the UK mainland – the closer to his foster home the better though, subject to a satisfactory home visit. Note that you will be required to travel to the foster home to collect him.

If you would love to offer a home to an oldie but your circumstances aren’t suitable, perhaps you would be kind enough to sponsor one of the special oldies we are caring for that, due to health problems, are unlikely to be offered a permanent home.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.