This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Harvey (Chilterns Dog Rescue Society, Herts.)

22/6/2021 Handsome Harvey is a popular boy and is already expecting his first visit. He is confident that this will progress into his new, loving home.
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Handsome Harvey is a wiry coated Westie x Jack Russell who is with Chilterns Dog Rescue Society near Tring in Hertfordshire. He was born on 23rd March 2007, making him a very respectable 14 years old. Although he is a cross of two small terriers, Harvey is quite a solid lad weighing in at 14kg, so he’s not the easiest dog to pick up and pop in a car.

Harvey was the constant companion to an older lady who sadly passed away. He now finds himself in urgent need of a new home where he will receive the love and care he deserves at his time of life. Harvey is used to a quiet, adult-only home but he enjoyed occasional visits from the granddaughter who is now 3.

He is a very cheerful, affectionate dog who loves to meet new people and introduce himself with a few barks to say hello and get a tummy rub. He is good with other dogs but has never met cats or other animals. Harvey is used to having someone around nearly all the time but can be left for short periods like shopping trips without any problems.

He is a very clean dog and likes to be let out first thing to toilet. He is relaxed when travelling by car and loves to go for short trips out for a change of scene when possible. Harvey is used to 2 short walks a day (around 20 minutes each) and then, after pottering around the garden, is happy to curl up for a nap on a rug in the kitchen.

Harvey has had a number of veterinary checks recently and no major issues have been detected. He is a bit deaf and had a crusty patch on his side which is now clearing up. His heart is strong and he has good teeth which could be improved by a simple scale and polish at some point. Harvey has a slightly sensitive tummy but is fine with Vet’s Kitchen chicken and rice diet.

Could you offer this fabulous lad a lovely new home?

Contact Chilterns Dog Rescue Society as follows:

Tel: 01296 623885

Please mention that you saw Harvey on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.