This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Bailey (Ark Animal Rescue, Lincolnshire coast)

26/8/18 – At last! Bailey has found an absolutely fabulous new home where there are horses and paddocks for him to enjoy. The Ark think that his new family saw him on the Oldies Club website and we are so pleased for him!

Bailey is an 8 year old Staffy x Collie boy who is at The Ark Animal Rescue and Retirement Home on the Lincolnshire coast. Bailey has adorable markings, with his striking brindly stripes and those irresistible white toes and chest. He is desperate to find a home where he won’t need to be left on his own, and we hope to help him in his quest.


Bailey was originally a stray at another kennels and when his time was up and he was due to be put to sleep, he was taken in by the Ark. He did find a home quickly, but sadly it wasn’t the right home as it became clear that Bailey doesn’t like to be left on his own and he becomes distressed.

Bailey needs a home with someone around most of the time and would be ideal for someone with horses as he is great around equines. He’s sharing his kennel with another dog, so could live with a compatible canine companion too. But what Bailey wants most is someone to love him. He is craving affection and is desperate for someone to devote himself to.

Bailey is an energetic boy who loves to be around people, but he can be a bit wary of strangers at first and he doesn’t like his ears being touched. Nothing is known of his past experience of children, but he has met a 6-year-old and was very good. He’s too bouncy for young ones though, so older sensible children with dog experience would be best.

Bailey doesn’t like getting into cars and although he settles down once he’s been travelling quite some distance, at first he is very stressed and he shakes and whines. Maybe he was taken out in the car and dumped previously. Who knows, poor lad.

Clever Bailey is housetrained and is always clean in his kennel. He loves walks and has been having up to four a day. He’s reasonable on the lead too – he pulls at first but will settle, unless something attracts his attention – and he is good off the lead and has great recall. He will play with toys but he much prefers human interaction.

Bailey is happily sharing his kennel with another dog. He tends to bark when people approach the kennel, but this often happens with dogs that are in kennels for any length of time, partly to protect that tiny bit of territory that is theirs, and partly to try to get someone to notice them and take them home! Once he gets some attention, gorgeous Bailey is over the moon and gets so excited, bless him. He’s absolutely desperate for someone to love him and make him feel secure again.

What Bailey needs is a calm home where he won’t need to be left alone, and where can have lots of long walks and fun times outdoors with you. The Ark told us “This boy has had a stressful time of late but he loves human contact and will blossom with some TLC. He’s a really lovely boy who’s had a rough deal in life recently and badly needs stability and some sensitive, patient handling. He’s a fun dog for somebody with the time and energy, who can provide company for him most of the time.

Bailey really doesn’t want to spend the winter in kennels. Please could you help him?

If you have the right home for Bailey and want to make this fabulous dog happy again, please contact The Ark as follows:

Tel: 01507 358140
Or email them via The Ark’s website contact form here.

Please mention that you saw Bailey on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Bailey’s original Oldies Club page dated 24 June 2017

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.