This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Ed and Earl (RSPCA Macclesfield, kennelled Derbyshire)

16/8/2019 Best buddies, Ed and Earl, have been adopted and look forward to a lovely life together.
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Ed is a 15-year-old black Crossbreed and Earl is his 11-year-old ginger best buddy. These delightful dogs are being rehomed by RSPCA Macclesfield SE Cheshire & Buxton Branch but are kennelled at RSPCA Chesterfield in Derbyshire, and they need to stay together.

These friendly old boys have lived together for 11 years, since Earl was a puppy, and very much deserve to find a quiet retirement home together where they can spend the rest of their days. Ed and Earl are like a pair of bookends and they sadly have an upsetting story to tell.

Their owner had a complaint made against her for neglect and the RSPCA Inspector requested that she get them to a vet, but instead she abandoned them by moving out and leaving them behind, with no thought for their welfare at all. The owner cannot be traced and so a relative has signed them over.


Ed and Earl have both been treated for various ailments and are now OK, with Ed still being treated for conjunctivitis. Both have been neutered, and Ed had a testicular tumour due to not being castrated, which has of course now been removed.


They love to be with people and they enjoy the simple things in life like food, fuss and being warm and comfortable. They need to be rehomed together and can live with children aged over 13 years. They are good with other dogs and could possibly live with cats providing introductions are slow and controlled.

Ed and Earl are such lovely old gents who will give so much joy to their new owner – they certainly deserve to be loved, spoilt and pampered.

Could you offer them the lovely new life they deserve?

Contact RSPCA Macclesfield SE Cheshire & Buxton Branch as follows:

Phone: 01625 669620

Please mention that you saw Ed and Earl on the Oldies Club website.

Remember that although they are RSPCA Macclesfield dogs, they are kennelled at RSPCA Chesterfield.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.