This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Nutty (South East Dog Rescue, fostered Oxfordshire)

11/3/20 – We are so pleased to hear that Nutty has found a new home!

Nutty is a very sweet 15-year-old Crossbreed (collie x fox?!) who is with South East Dog Rescue, fostered in Oxfordshire.

Nutty is simply delightful but has had a traumatic time of late. Her owner died and, very sadly, Nutty and her canine companion were pushed out of the house by a relative. Unfortunately, Nutty’s companion has not been found, but Nutty was lucky and was taken to a local vets, and then taken home by someone who works at the vets. Nutty is now looking for a new permanent home.

Via her microchip it was discovered that Nutty lived in Spain until last year, so she is a Spanish lady! She is a gentle and rather timid girl who needs a quiet, relaxed home – she couldn’t cope with hustle and bustle and it will take her time to settle in, so you will need to allow her time. She loves human companionship and needs a home where she won’t be left on her own much as she is frightened when left and will cry loudly. Once she feels safe in her new home she will follow you around to know what you’re doing.

Nutty is curious about visitors but will soon go back to the sofa to catch up on her beauty sleep. She could live with another dog but it would need to be an old, calm dog who will respect her need for space and not harass her to play as this scares her. Nutty would be very happy as an only dog. She is very scared of children and therefore needs a home with no resident children and no young, visiting children. She is also scared of cats but might be able to live with a calm, older cat who would give her space.

She walks very nicely on and off lead, never venturing far from you. She does not like other dogs bounding up to her face but is happy to meet calm, respectful dogs.

Nutty’s teeth were in a shocking state and she had a nasty infection in her jaw, but she has had 23 teeth removed and is feeling much better. Her appetite has returned and she loves having a few treats and a chew. She has a little bit of stiffness in her joints so has been prescribed Loxicom which may need to continue throughout her life. Her hearing isn’t great but she isn’t completely deaf. She occasionally gets ‘caught short’ when she needs a poo; she does try to get to the garden but has been a bit late on a couple of occasions, so you will need to be caring and understanding if this happens. Nutty has no other health issues; she has had a thorough MOT at her foster mum’s place of work.

She is spayed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations and has a passport, however, she would much prefer ‘staycations’ nowadays.

Could you offer Nutty a quiet home and the TLC she deserves?

Contact South East Dog Rescue as follows:

Email: for an application form

Please mention that you saw Nutty on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.