This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Alfie & Rocky (Ark Animal Rescue, Lincolnshire coast)

Rocky on the left and Alfie on the right

22/6/2021 Alfie and Rocky are happy to report that they are settling well in their new home.
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Alfie and Rocky are the very best of chums and need a new home together. Alfie is a Hungarian Viszla of 10 years and Rocky is a French Bulldog x Pug of 8 years. They are at Ark Animal Rescue on the Lincolnshire coast.


The boys had been in their home since they were pups, but their mum has sadly been bereaved recently and couldn’t cope with them. They are very well-behaved, loving dogs, but they do need a special home as Rocky has had spinal surgery due to a disc problem, leaving him with poor bladder control. Alfie also has toileting accidents, but there is no medical reason for this and it has been suggested that it could be due to him copying Rocky’s behaviour as they’re extremely close.


The staff at the Ark have noticed that they are clean during the day if they have access to outside, so they may be the same in a home. They both have accidents at night, so new owners must be prepared to deal with this. Dog nappies may be an answer, but there’s likely to be some extra washing needed. They will need a home where there’s someone around most of the day to ensure regular access to outside. They can be left for up to 4 hours when necessary though.

Alfie and Rocky are lovely dogs who are used to being around young grandchildren and have been good with them. They have not had any experience of cats but they mix well with other dogs.

Alfie has been neutered but Rocky hasn’t. Alfie was underweight when he arrived at the Ark and this has been a problem his owner has been struggling with prior to admission. He’s been to the vets and had various tests but they’ve all come back normal. He’s having 3 meals a day and may need sensitive food for the foreseeable future. He has gained weight while at the Ark. Rocky eats complete dry food. They are both well-behaved around food.

They are very good in kennels and at the groomers and are well-behaved at the vets. They sleep in cages, Alfie with the door open and Rocky with his closed. Alfie travels well in the car, Rocky reasonably well. Alfie walks reasonably well on the lead, Rocky is good, but neither dog has been let off lead so they don’t really have recall. They sometimes play with toys.

Alfie and Rocky are devoted to each other so are being rehomed together. They need someone who will happily cope with their toileting accidents and be around to let them out regularly during the day. Could that be you?

Contact Ark Animal Rescue as follows:

Tel: 01507 358140
Email: via the Ark website contact form

Please mention that you saw Alfie and Rocky on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.