Tor (The Canine Lifeline UK, fostered Norfolk)


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This gentle giant (50kg) is Tor the Spanish Mastin who’s in a foster home in Norfolk through The Canine Lifeline UK. He’s about 9-years-old and wants a child free retirement home, partly for the peace and partly because he’s so splendidly large.

He’s good with other dogs and would happily live with another big, steady one (or two) like himself. He walks nicely on the and doesn’t need much exercise. He does need a good sized, secure garden to mooch about in.

Spanish Mastins were bred to guard livestock from wolves etc. and Tor does have the requisite qualities. He could do with owners experienced with large guardian breeds and a home with not many strangers visiting. Vetting people to see if they’re goodies or baddies is an onerous task when you’re at retirement age!

Among the qualities of his breed are steadfastness, affection for family, being undemanding, placid (except to wolves), fabulously solid and distinctly noble. Tor can live with confident cats. He ignores all cats but they might find him an imposing presence if they were timid. Tor has been neutered and is in good health apart from a bit of stiffness in his back legs. He really deserves a comfy, quiet home with one or two people to call his own.

If you can offer lovely Tor the retirement he deserves, please contact The Canine Lifeline UK for an Application Form, or as follows:


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