Elvis (Blue Cross Lewknor, Oxfordshire)

Elvis longs to be an only pet, older children should be fine for him. Like most older cats, he wants a quiet and comfortable home with a garden, a fuss and a lap sometimes and to be able to do absolutely nothing for hours on end, except be decorative. Purrr…

Mrs. Tufty (Paws and Claws, West Sussex)

Mrs Tufty yearns for the safety and comfort of her own home, having been pretty harassed of late. She’s a beautiful lady – used to a quiet life with no other cats to worry her. Can you offer her a home of her own?

Rusty (Paws and Claws, West Sussex)

Rusty is a beautiful boy who exudes contentment when all is well and will tell you all about it if it isn’t. He’s a talker! He wants a garden, fuss and treats when required and comfy places in the sunshine to snooze his retirement away. Bliss!

Molly (Blue Cross Cambridge)

Molly is a smart lady in both senses. With her keen and confident manner, as well as her snazzy tortoiseshell coat, she’s a fine figure of a cat! She’s friendly, alert and playful and will be very grateful to have a settled home. Can you make Molly purr again?