Doppler (Blue Cross Lewknor, Oxfordshire)

This gorgeous chap is Doppler! He’s a pale ginger tom who looks distinctly redder when he’s bounding up to you to say hello (sorry, geeky joke!). Older children might be OK for him but he wants to be an only pet, preferably with a large garden. He’s not just a pretty face, mind you, Doppler is quite a character!

Puss (Blue Cross Lewknor, Oxfordshire)

Dear old Puss wants comfort, peace and a nice warm lap please. She likes to sit and reflect on things quite a lot. Quiet company is what she offers as well as gratitude. Well, as close to gratitude as cats get, i.e. a gentle purr of approval. Puss has the same sort of reassuring presence as her famous relation – Bag Puss. Can you spot the family resemblance?

Molly (Blue Cross Lewknor, Oxfordshire)

Molly is a smart lady in both senses. With her keen and confident manner, as well as her snazzy tortoiseshell coat, she’s a fine figure of a cat! She’s friendly, alert and playful and will be very grateful to have a settled home. Can you make Molly purr again?