Puss (Pawz For Thought, Sunderland)

Endearing little Puss is a venerable lady who urgently needs a settled retirement home and a lap in front of the fire. She’d love to be able to bring her friend Holly but that’s not essential. Comfort and affection are her only must haves. Need a lap warmer?

Violet (Pawz For Thought, Sunderland)

This regal lady is seeking a new palace to grace. One with a garden, no other pets and a suitably plush throne with suffice. Once you have won the esteem of the most discerning Queen Violet, you will be a privileged courtier, basking in the radiance of her approval. What bliss!

Peggy (Blue Cross Tiverton, Devon)

Sweetie Peggy wants all available fuss, all to herself and therefore needs to be an only cat. She could live with a cat-friendly dog though and children would be fine. Just as long as she get her fuss quota everyday!

Moki (Blue Cross Tiverton, Devon)

Moki the splendid is ever so slightly beautiful! She’s also tuneful in her chirruping when food is nearby. She loves fuss and could live with other cats as well as children. She would adorn your sofa magnificently!

Molly (Helping Pets North East)

Molly is a good all rounder who can live with other cats, dogs and respectful children. She can be shy at first but once settled in, she will approach people for fuss. She has a lovely purr!

Sally (Helping Pets North East)

Sally is a sweet and loving lady who can live with older children and a calm dog, but she wants to be the only cat at home. She likes a fuss and some lap time and just generally relaxing.

Poppy (Blue Cross Tiverton, Devon)

Pretty Poppy wants lots of lounging places at her new home and lots of fuss too! As long as she’s free to nap when she’s pleases, she could live with older children AND a placid dog!